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Salaries found for Title "Assistant Dean" in 2012:

Number of Employees: 18
Maximum Salary: $200,000.00
Minimum Salary: $86,850.00
Average Salary: $124,958.83
Name Title Dept/Division Salary
MacLean, Lisa Assistant Dean Medical Student Affairs /
School of Medicine
Hillman, Stephen Assistant Dean Theoretical & Behavior Foundations /
College of Education
McCaughtry, Nathan Assistant Dean Physical Education /
Health & Physical Education
Jackson, Matthew Assistant Dean Medical Acad & Student Programs /
School of Medicine
Pieper, David Assistant Dean Continuing Medical Education /
School of Medicine
Smitherman, Herbert Assistant Dean Internal Medicine /
School of Medicine
Schim, Stephanie Assistant Dean Deans Office Nursing /
College of Nursing
Redwine, Cynthia Assistant Dean Deans Office Nursing /
College of Nursing
Green, Janice Assistant Dean Academic Services Education /
College of Education
Crawford-McKinney, Kathleen Assistant Dean Teacher Education /
College of Education
Clark, Mary Assistant Dean Deans Office Pharmacy/Health Sci /
Pharmacy & Health Sciences
Harden, Janet Assistant Dean Adult Health/Administration /
College of Nursing
Ferguson, Joan Assistant Dean Deans Off Fine, Perf & Comm Arts /
Fine & Performing Arts
Page, Renee Assistant Dean Obstetrics/Gynecology /
School of Medicine
Matthews-Jackson, Ericka Assistant Dean Law Instruction Units /
Law School
Joiner, Janet Assistant Dean Social Work Admissions/Student Srvs /
School of Social Work
Zaddach, Linda Assistant Dean Business Admin Student Services /
School of Business Admin
Ben-Ze'ev, Ilana Assistant Dean Law Instruction Units /
Law School